Counterfeiters Target Stanley Cup

Counterfeiters Target Stanley Cup

According to the NHL, counterfeiters target major events, such as the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as fans are eager to take home keepsakes.

“Counterfeiting negatively affects legitimate, tax-paying retailers and the local economy, but it also hurts the overall fan experience,” said Tom Prochnow, NHL senior vice president of legal. “We’re here to help fans understand what’s real and what’s not to ensure they take home genuine merchandise that will last as long as their memories of the Blues’ Stanley Cup run.”

The NHL has issued the below tips to avoid being victimized by counterfeiters during the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

Look for an NHL hologram sticker or hologram hangtag on retail products.Check for a sewn-in tag or screen-printed label identifying a licensee that has been authorized by the NHL to produce “officially licensed” merchandise, and make sure that any sewn-in tags are intact and not ripped.Look at the overall quality of the product before making a purchase, i.e. make sure player and team names are spelled correctly and team colors appear accurate, and assess the quality of the embroidery or screen printing.Purchase merchandise from established retailers such as or the STL Authentics retail store at Enterprise Center.

During the quest for the Stanley Cup last year, more than 5,400 pieces of merchandise with an estimated retail value of around $137,000 was seized of surrendered, according to the NHL. Also, over 2,900 listings for counterfeit NHL products were removed from online marketplaces.

The NHL said law enforcement officials will be enforcing laws prohibiting the sale of counterfeit merchandise and unauthorized vending throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals.